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Did you know that as of 3rd June 2023 there are still only 10% of MCS solar contractors that are approved for battery storage systems (EESS) that's about 200 installers in England, therefore, along with our MCS heat pump and solar thermal approvals, we are in a select group of fully qualified installers. If you do not use an MCS approved contractor then the energy device owner may have a responsibility for ensuring compliance with the building regulations and could be served with an enforcement notice in cases of non-compliance, as well as possibly having issues when selling the property. We have also been trained and approved by leading industry names and are subject to regular audits to ensure our standards of delivery are sustained. We are also approved under the BUS (Boiler Upgrade Scheme) and OLEZ. Our renewable energy services includes:


  • Solar PV (Photovoltaic) systems for electricity generation

  • Battery storage solutions

  • Solar thermal for hot water

  • Hydrogen boilers

  • Heat pumps and invertors

  • Electric vehicle charging

  • And the installation, servicing and repair of these devices.


We are also on hand to offer customers advice regarding the latest trends in microgeneration and the financing of these systems. The engineering work alongside advice on the practical and economic considerations is a combination unique to our work. We believe that customers should make an informed choice regarding these investments and opportunities.

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